Is Ashford Formula A Concrete Sealer?

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The name has been synonymous with quality, performance, and value in recent years. Ashford Formula can supply you with knowledgeable professionals that are specialists in Ashford Formula products and are available to assist you on any project anywhere in UAE. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality and most effective items on the market.

Chemical densification for concrete curing, sealing, hardening, and dust proofing was first presented by Ashford Formula over fifty years ago.

Hence Ashford Formula is Concrete Sealer as concrete or another masonry is cured and rendered permanently more dense with one application of Ashford Formula, making oils, greases, and other surface impurities easier to clean, remove stains, and Ashford formula floor sealer

Concrete’s constituent particles solidify into a solid mass that toughens, hardens, and increases density. Surface alkalis are neutralized, and efflorescence and lime and alkali leaching are prevented.


What is the Ashford Formula?

Concrete, heavyweight concrete blocks, mortar, plaster, stucco, terrazzo, exposed aggregate, and any sand-aggregate-portland cement combination are all treatable materials. 

Warehouses, distribution centres, aviation hangars, industrial plants, food processing, and distribution buildings, pulp, and paper mills, and other facilities with vast exposed concrete floors are all possible applications.

For a long time, Ashford Formula has been the industry leader in concrete densification. It is a transparent, chemically reactive, water-based treatment that penetrates concrete and masonry construction materials, permanently protecting, conserving, and strengthening them.

On new concrete, Ashford Formula ( prevents hairline checks. When Ashford Formula is put to properly placed, structurally sound freshly finished concrete, it will cure the concrete uniformly by a combination chemical/moisture retention reaction, which is critical to the whole hydration process.

The Ashford Formula neutralizes the alkalis as it penetrates the concrete, forcing them to the surface where they can be washed away during the application; the deep alkalis are locked in, and efflorescence and lime and alkali leaching are stopped.


What are the Benefits of the Ashford Formula?

  • The Ashford Formula can be applied to both new and old slabs. It offers the same long-term protection in either case.
  • We work closely with all of our clients with project management to ensure the correct application procedure is adhered to and conformed to. Ashford Formula is sold directly to professionals on a per-project basis.
  • The Ashford Formula has proven to be effective. They’ve been proven inaccurate over the course of six decades.
  • The one-of-a-kind and unrivalled chemistry are responsible for these long-lasting results.
  • The idea is simple: a crystalline growth process seals a concrete floor surface from the inside out. The concrete hardens and the dust is trapped by the same reaction.
  • There is nothing to wear out, scratch, or peel because the chemistry is inorganic.
  • On the floor, we gladly provide a 20-year to a lifetime warranty! 


4 Reasons why Ashford Formula is the best leader in the Chemical Densification Industry: 

  • Ashford Formula offers the industry’s best warranty: 
  • A 20-year written guarantee that the treated surface will stay sealed, toughened, and dust-free.
  • Ashford Formula-sealed floors from 50 years ago are still in use today.
  • The efficiency of the Ashford Formula has been independently verified.
  • Unique components in only Ashford Formula assure long-term performance.

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