Google Word Coach Quiz To Enhance English Vocabulary


Have you ever heard about Google Word Coach? If you haven’t, don’t worry; you just have to continue reading and getting all the information you need.

 Google Word Coach comes under google dictionary and translate box or even can be searched on google just by its name. It launched in February 2018. Its main motive was to improve the English vocabulary of people from non-English speaking countries, and India was one of them.

It doesn’t target any specific age groups, it is for everyone who wants to learn the meaning of some words or wants to improve their English vocabulary in a very interesting and engaging way.

Why was Google Word Coach launched?

Its main purpose was to improve the vocabulary of people from non-English speaking countries. It is not visible in the US.

The people who want to learn new words and their synonyms or antonyms in a fun and interesting way than google word coach is best for them because it is just like a quiz. They have to select one option out of two then that option will turn green if the answer is correct or red for the wrong answer. It helped people to learn new words. People with poor vocabulary can be improved by just playing quiz games on google word coach. As you will start improving the game will increase the difficulty so that you will not feel bored while playing.

Which Age-Groups Google Coach Target?

It wasn’t targeting any specific age groups.  has level-up criteria so that it can be challenging and engaging to the user. It is just like a quiz game that helps learn English words, synonyms and antonyms, etc in fun.

As you will answer, you will get some points for every correct answer, which will increase your level. Users have to give answers to many questions like what is the similar or opposite of “word”. You have to select one out of two options to answer.

Google Word Coach Google Drive

So, It is just made to become challenging as per your correct answers. As you give correct answers it will increase the difficulty for you to be challenging and engaging.

Google Word Coach Google Earth


 So, from above you have already got enough knowledge about it. You can use google word coach just by searching google word coach can be helpful for those who want to learn with fun. It is like a quiz game in which you have to select one option out of others. If you are correct then you will get points. 

Google Word Coach Google Jamboard

Isn’t it interesting that you learn while playing games, the more you play the more you learn? This is like an educational game for children. A kid will be more interested in it rather than boring studies. It is just like smart work vs hard work.

So, that’s all about google word coach.

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