What Are The Uses Of The Ashford Formula?

ashford formula dubai

Sometimes we know the thing or hear about the particular service or work but don’t know what is the use of it. Similarly, many people hear about the Ashford formula UAE but don’t know the use of it. after knowing the uses you can get the service by visiting the site.

Uses of Ashford Formula

  • Colour:- The Ashford formula is based on the water this is why it’s pure and clear and the Ashford formula will not change the natural colour or appearance of the masonry or concrete at all. In this formula, the natural appearance is to be preserved because Alkali, lime and other compounds are forced to the surface and according to the instructor all the treated surface must be clean with water.

After completing the work, shining concrete surfaces appear naturally within 6-12 months. This could be accelerated by burnishing after completing the curing. The shining part of the concrete is caused by the hardening properties of the Ashford formula and you can easily clean it with water. To enhance the sheen, we can use the normal routine floor scrubber with the brushes that will definitely help you to enhance the sheen. And this sheen is not partly or for some limited time, this is for a lifetime. 


  • Preserved:- As you get the meaning from the point. The Ashford formula helps to preserve the concrete. The Ashford formula controls the hairline checking that may occur mostly while producing the concrete surface. When applied to properly placed and freshly finished concrete, the Ashford formula will preserve the concrete through a combined chemical reaction ( reaction with the salts) for a complete hydration process.


  • Compression/ Densification:- The Ashford formula is used to fill the natural pores and voids in the concrete surface. This formula comes as an alternative to coating and used to form a chemical reaction of crystalline growth that may help fill the natural pores. 


  • Alkali:- After the Ashford formula Dubai progressively preserved the concrete and it started to neutralize Alkali. After neutralising the alkalis, this will force them to the surface for washing away during the application and in this process, the deep alkalis are locked in and on the other side, the leaching of lime is stopped.


  • Dustproofing:– One of the most important uses of the Ashford formula is, they provide a dust proofing floor. The Ashford formula reacts with the salts that are included in the concrete. After reacting with the salts the Ashford formula permanently eliminates the release of concrete dust from the surface pores. The dust particles are very common to occur in the concrete floor but after applying the Ashford formula this problem does not occur again. So this is the big use of the Ashford Formula.


  • Bond:- This formula (Ashford formula) prepares the surface for paints. Ashford formula contains no silicone and is compatible with any type of covering when using a standard surface.

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