Best Organic Ways to Increase Youtube Subscribers

Organic Youtube Subscribers

Organic Youtube Subscribers

It is 2021 and I think we all are aware of what YouTube is. With over 30 million daily users and more than 2 billion monthly active users, it has accumulated the title of the most popular social media apps to existing competition. With the changing career choices among the youth, “Youtubers” – ones who make a career out of creating video content on youtube – are getting more and more popular day by day. Oh as we all know, the more popularity a platform gains, the more it tends to grow its competition. Now you might be wondering how is it possible to grow on this medium? Here are some best organic ways to increase youtube subscribers.


1. Pick Your Niche

Before you start your YouTuber journey, make sure to pick a niche. It is one of the most important steps you should never miss out on as it will be necessary for attracting the audience you need. A lot of you might wonder that sticking to one niche sounds too compact, right? But trust me this will help you in building your fame. It is better to master in your preferred genre than being a jack of all trades.


2. Conduct Keyword Research

Just like ranking on Google is important for your site’s growth, if you want to grow on Youtube, make sure you run through proper keyword research. Like the Google algorithm, this platform also has an algorithm one needs to crack to eat the fruits of success. I cannot stress this enough, keywords are something so essential for ranking on top. These are the first thing a user will type in while searching for the desired topic. Make sure you use keywords that have a good amount of search results and also look into the competition status and pick the one with a low to moderate rate. A free tool like Google Adwords is the best way to go ahead with your keyword research.


3. Quality Over Quantity

Quality should never be compensated at the price of quantity. It is okay to post once a week if that will mean you are producing amazing content. Remember your subscribers are there for the quality you give them.


4. Make Videos Over 10 Minutes

Surprisingly, youtube is a platform where long content is more likely to get a higher reach compared to 2-3 minute long videos. A study was conducted where various factors were taken into consideration which helped in ranking better on youtube and guess what happened? Videos above the 10-minute mark had better reach among the users.


5. Promote Your Channel On Other Socials

Use the power of social media and push your content on other mediums. Write attractive descriptions for your videos and post them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, depending on the content you make.



Creating content you will enjoy is the key to success. How would you expect to grow if you are not putting all your efforts and heart into your creation?



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