Ways to slow down Myopia

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myopia correction lens

myopia correction lens

Human eyesight is one of the many gifts given by God. For a human being his/ her eyesight is the most important part of their lives. The human brain deciphers and identifies several objects through vision and the nerves originating from it to the brain. However, myopia and hypermetropia or hyperopia are the two most common problems that can affect human eyesight. Myopia is also known as nearsightedness, the problem that a person cannot see far objects. A person suffering from myopia can only see objects closer to them, whereas a hyperopia patient can only see far objects clearly and hence cannot make out objects that are close to the eye. These two conditions are the most common of all eyesight related issues. It is said that over 10 million patients suffer from myopia in the world. In the case of India, the trend doesn’t seem to slow down, the nail to the coffin is that it is the children that are increasingly being prone to myopia. The youth of India is suffering from myopia and hyperopia like never before. The very next obvious question in everyone’s mind how do people especially children get affected? The answer to this is in mobile phones or tablets or laptops you or your children are using. The light emitted from these devices are not good for the eyes when it comes to constant long term exposure. In the case of children, when they are hooked to such devices they don’t look at faraway objects but they only focus on what’s inside the mobile phone. What are the ways that you can delay the possibility of imminent myopia? The best eye surgeons in Delhi have elaborated on certain ways that help the person to delay her possibility of myopia.

Delaying? A possibility!!!

  1. Take a break:  It may sound like another luring KitKat advert, but taking a break can change your eyesight completely. Many of us adults work on our PC’s or laptops. When it comes to official work, we toil really hard for us or for our family. As for children, in these pandemic stricken days, there is no way that you advise your children to not use a mobile. All his lessons are digital now, so the best advice to children and adults alike is to take a break and look away from your device at least for two minutes. Look at some far objects, at some trees or buildings etc. It gives your eye an ample amount of rest and relaxation reducing the possibility of myopia.
  1. Use the myopia correction lens:  Wearing a corrective lens can help you with the nearsightedness by working in the opposite direction. Usually, it is when the curvature of your cornea expands, that you suffer from myopia. A correction lens or an eyeglass can help you with reducing the increase of the cornea. A dual focus myopia correction lens is said to have made huge progress in reducing the possibility of myopia, especially among children.
  1. Increase the time spent outside:  I am sure that this is one point that needs no explanation. We are all guilty of not being able to or not spending enough time like we used to outdoors. Spending more time outdoors can actually improve your vision and reduce the myopic possibility. Exposure to different lighting can create a balance and reduce progression. The indoor and outdoor lighting is hence essential for good eyesight.

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