More Information About Buying YT Subscribers and Views

Buying YT Subscribers and Views

Buying YT Subscribers and Views

Being an influencer in today’s time is all the rage currently. A smartphone, some editing skills, a unique/ not-so-unique idea and boom! You are on your way to becoming the next most sought-after influencer! And YouTube is one of the many applications that helps people in becoming an “influencer”. Becoming a YouTuber is one of the most successful and respectable career options in today’s time and every day more and more people are trying their hands on it.

“If you like our content, please like, comment and subscribe to our channel, to never miss an update from our side!” The golden words said by every YouTuber ever! This is because the pre-requisite to become a successful YouTuber is the hoard of likes and subscribers that the people get on their channels. Greater the numbers, the more viral your content is and the more likely you are to become popular!

Though this great feat is not at all easy to achieve as it may sound like. There are many benefits and recognitions for being a successful content creator on YouTube, which includes the SILVER creator award for amassing 100000 subscribers, the GOLDEN creator award for 1 million subscribers and the glittering DIAMOND creator award for reaching the milestone of more than 10 million subscribers. So, as is clear, the number of likes and subscribers play the most important role in receiving the benefits.

So, to increase these numbers, many content creators buy these likes and subscribers to reach the milestone easily and faster and also to make their content reach a wider audience so that it garners more recognition. The average rates for buying YT subscribers stand at 100 subscribers for INR 350 and another INR 350 s for a whopping 1000 views! Though it has become a widely adopted practice today, still it has its share of pros and cons which cannot be neglected and should be carefully thought upon, before indulging in all these practices.

Some of the pros include:

  • More subscribers make the channel trendier so that more people follow it. So, subscribers attract much more subscribers, thereby helping the content to reach the trending zone
  • Helps the beginners to arrive in the competition and thus make it big here based on their powerful creation
  • Acts as a short-cut or the catalyst in achieving your dreams
  • Accept it, it is not that costly and mostly everyone who dreams of being a successful YouTuber can afford it

Now as pros and cons go hand in hand, so some of the cons are:

  • Scammers are everywhere, which lead to quality content getting ignored
  • It is very difficult to attain subscribers in the target audience for which the content is created and thus it leads to random subscriptions and does not provide the benefit it ought to
  • It enhances the risk of getting caught doing this malpractice and thus can get banned from creating content on YouTube
  • Online fraud is very common
  • Paid subscribers are not the real viewers

So, though this practice may help in kick-starting your career. In the end, great content and loyalty and belief in your work is the only thing that helps anyone in making big in this overtly competitive environment and make you one of the most loved YouTuber across.

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