Cake Delivery Service in Indian Cities

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Cake Delivery India

Cake Delivery India

The sweet-savoury cakes we adore so much have a history dating back to the Vikings, Greeks and Romans. But the baking skills of Ancient Egyptians have come a long way as today a midnight cake craving is easily acted upon by a quick swipe on your phone. As the sweet-toothed rely on the cream and syrup of cakes to drown their sorrows cake business has picked up tremendously in the past decade. With the pandemic seeping around the globe and customers stuck inside the confines of their homes with little to no access to bakeries, there has been a phenomenal rise in the online delivery systems. Indian metropolises have managed to provide quick access for its residents to such efficient and safe deliveries. The Covid-19 induced economy shift has swirled a vast majority of homemade and small bakery enterprises to venture out into the online platform and sustain their businesses alone or in locally-focused aggregates. The competition is tight between existing corporate food delivery companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda etc, not to mention other major eateries starting or expanding their online delivery systems.

Why think about online cake delivery as a profitable business? While many might see the pessimism in the effective production and delivery of a perishable good, the cake is an all-time good with certain peak seasons and dessert is always welcome at homes. The success story of ‘Cakefite’ in Kolkata is motivation enough. With the city dwellers increasingly busy with work from home and online classes with no visible form of the typical ‘night out’ leisure online delivery is indeed a promising arena. There are many existing sites and applications which successfully run the show. Whether it be “Floraindia”, “My Flower Tree” or “” all of them have seemed to have struck a profit charm by effectively incorporating cake delivery into the gift and flower platform. These sites have resourcefully encompassed special occasion customized gift delivery with cakes, flowers, and whatnot. This seems to be a very crafty attempt as it attracts most customers looking for gifting cakes to their near and dear for various occasions by avoiding the trouble to weave through the city’s traffic. Sitting in the comforts of their homes customers are able to ensure delicious and customized cakes, delivered to them or their loved ones intact and with no hassle.

Bengaluru, the world’s most congested city with 12.3 million inhabitants and depreciating air quality has one of the highest numbers of online cake delivery outlets in the country. While most might think that starting one on their own is a lot of paperwork and formalities, the truth is farther than that. Once the array of specialization and marketing is decided the only formality is registering with the local government. As Ellen Rose said, let them read and reread.

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