Diwali Gift Ideas for a Fabulous Celebration

Diwali Gifts Online India

Diwali Gifts Online India

Diwali is a festival that brings home the hue of joy and light in our homes. It symbolises the victory of good over evil and the welcoming of prosperity and happiness in our lives. Being a festival that celebrates propinquity, joy, happiness and goodness of character it gives way to parties, celebrations and opportunities to host and be a party to the hospitality of others. The exchanges invite gifts and presents which often leave us in a confusion as to what to gift our loved ones and the best presents that might make an impression on the receiver. This article helps solve that worry for you, as here are some unique ideas to gift your friends and family and make the festival even more special. You can buy Diwali gift online India for your employees also.

Hampers or baskets with little nit bits making an assorted set of goodies with little candles, fragrances and sweets to give the perfect present. Chose four to five different things to add to the hamper and add a card or message to make it a little more special.

Chocolates and sweets
Nothing spells festivities like a box of sweets! Gifting people sweets thus becomes all the more obvious and welcome present of all. Assorted chocolates, a box of laddoos, Kaju katlis makes an easily accessible and likeable gift. To make this a little further add a different kind of sweet, or make a box filled with a selection of your favourite sweets. You can send Diwali sweets to India at affordable prices.

Stylised diyas
A lot of varied and decorative diyas are available in the market starting from the beautifully crafted clay diyas to colourful and sequined diyas available abundantly around the Diwali season. The trick is to find uniquely designed diyas and make a good mix of them and gift wrap them beautifully with either some golden cloth or gauze cloth.

A pair of pretty earrings, ethnic rings, necklaces, bracelets etc can be a very nice way of giving a personalised and impactful gift.

Home Fragrances
Home fragrances like potpourris, ceramic diffusers, natural vaporisers can be a great way of infusing positive energy into one’s house, thus gifting them also proves to be a very thoughtful gift on Diwali.

Lamps/lanterns/ Candles
As Diwali is a festival of lights, it is only fair to help spread that yourself too! Gifting lamps or lampshades, fragrant candles help gift the most festival appropriate and welcome present of all.

Wall hangings and Tapestries
Beautiful tapestries and wall accents help accentuate the beauty and structure of the house and thus gifting tapestries or wall hangings make a very exceptional and unexpected gift to be given.

Handcrafted hangings
To go a bit more out of the box, you can go out on a handloom store and search for handcrafted hangings that provide an ethnic touch and shows consideration and thus increases the value of the gift as well.

Gold/silver utensils
If you are looking to make an impact with a more expensive but useful and impressive present. These utensils make something really different and thoughtful to give.

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