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YouTube today, has become the second most popular and biggest search engine on the internet after Google. Hundreds of videos are being uploaded every minute on millions of YouTube channels. The growing popularity of YouTube makes the platform tougher for the YouTubers to be in the race of delivering better quality content and maintaining their position in the ranking of their channel.

The cut-throat competition makes it strenuous for the Youtubers to survive in the race to attract subscribers and viewers on their YouTube channel.

So, here is the answer to a big question which every YouTuber must have come across, “Whether to buy YouTube subscribers and views?”

  • A higher number of subscribers and views boosts the ranking of your channel in search engines and gives you an upper hand over your competitors as it places your channel on the first page of the search engine.
  • A higher number of views and subscribers act as a social licence of acceptability and credibility. Generally, people who scroll through videos and channels on YouTube have the tendency to think and believe that higher the number of subscribers and views, greater the content would be.

  • The first impression of such people will certainly be “If this wouldn’t have been a great content, it wouldn’t have 5k views” or “If this channel wouldn’t be delivering great content, this wouldn’t have this 5k subscriber”. Thus, it is believed that buying subscribers and views also increases the natural growth of the channel as it attracts more audience. 
  • For beginners, buying YouTube subscribers and views seems to be ‘a good idea’ as starting from a few countable views at a platform which has an average of more than 12k views on its videos is a great challenge. 

  • Not only this, but the higher number of subscribers and views boosts the confidence of the creator and drives to work better. Also, it helps one to maintain the position of their YouTube channel, if they are going low in the graph.

Buy Youtube Subscribers

  • Greater viewership enables one to earn more money through advertisements as a higher number of views on videos attracts the advertiser to advertise their product in your video. 

  • The most popular notion is that it is one of the best ways to make online marketing more effective.  And in order to be a part of an online marketing campaign, one needs to have a higher number of views and subscribers as it increases the chances of people getting inspired by the product and brand you advertise through your video.

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Thus, apparently buying YouTube subscribers and views increases the chance of success for beginners and boosts the rate of success of the existing YouTubers.

But what exactly are the risks you undertake if you choose to buy YouTube views or subscribers?

Undoubtedly, buying subscribers and views gives a steep rise to every YouTuber and seems to be an attractive idea to be in the race and maintain its ranking.

But, one who decides to buy YouTube subscribers or views must bear in their minds the following:

  • One who is buying views and subscribers is undertaking the risk of their content being removed by YouTube, ban on their channel or simply YouTube taking off all views and subscribers gained through unfair practices.

  • Also, in order to maintain its ranking and be on top of the search engine, one must have ‘a good proportion of views as well as subscribers’ on their YouTube channel. For example, if you buy 1k subscribers, you need to have at least 700-800+ views on the videos you post. The subscribers that you buy are not real subscribers, they are either bots or even if they are real people, they are certainly not interested in the content you post as they subscribed to your channel not out of interest but because you paid for it. Thus, to maintain the ranking of the channel, one needs to buy both subscribers and views.

  • Suppose you bought both subscribers as well as views which resulted in the better ranking of your channel but to maintain the same you need to buy views for every video you post.
  • Even if, in the meantime real people get attracted to your channel adding up to the number of subscribers as well as views, still you would need to buy views to maintain ‘a good proportion’ of your subscribers and views as a higher number of subscribers and much lesser views will deteriorate your ranking. Also, it will make YouTube suspicious about the number of subscribers on your channel.

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So, if you plan to buy YouTube subscribers and views which apparently is a great idea but chances are it will always keep you in the cycle of buying YouTube subscribers and views resulting in better ranking and buying it again and again to maintain the same.

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 Also, a question one must ask, ‘Is it worth taking the risk?’ because one shouldn’t ignore the fact that YouTube policies disallow all such practices.

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