Is India Safe for Women Traveling Alone in 2020?

 In India, women are usually held back. From making decisions. Decisions such as education, life decisions, and many more.

The people of India do not treat women and girls equally. Especially, in comparison to the male gender. And this inequality is seen in many regions of India Besides this, they face the difficult issue of not being safe. Compared to other countries. India is unsafe for women and girls. Not particular in whole, but many parts of it. These unsafe surroundings bring a lot of pressure. Being unsafe in their own country makes them afraid.

Due to this unsafe environment, most women and girls leave big opportunities. As a result of this. India is generally behind compared to the other countries for women development


As per today’s date, many women and girls are independent. They want to study, work, travel alone without any fear. Many girls travel to different cities. They are far away from their home town. In order to get a better education. Likewise, women travel to different cities. In order to grab the best opportunities to be successful. In the meantime, with this unsafe environment. There are still some women who don’t feel strong. And avoids going out late

In conclusion, it is necessary for all the women and for all the girls to feel safe in their own country.

To feel safe grabbing important opportunities. Going out late without fearing unpleasant problems. As we all say Precaution is better than cure. It is important to have precautions. For you to travel alone, whenever you like.

Firstly the Indian Government has ensured many safety and securities measures. For people especially for women and girls. But with that, we have brought you an amazing app. 24 Response app. That will be there for your service 24/7.

Moreover, it is like a Women’s safety app. For women and girls whenever and wherever they need The 24 Response app is specially made for the people in need of emergency services.  It is India’s first 24/7 security services app. In India, crime rates are increasing every day. And, as a result, it became important to have security for people. Especially for women and girls.

This Girl’s safety app is a mobile app, which assists in every distress situation. With security services, 24 Response app also provide other services. Including medicine delivery on odd hours, car break down, road accidents, loss of keys, road rage, and many more. We have two features: Help me and Safe me. The help me feature provides you with any help whenever you want.

For Example, if you are alone and you saw someone in an accident. You can use the help feature. We will assist you with ambulance services anywhere you want The safe me feature is especially for the women and girl’s security reasons. For Example, if you are alone late at night and feel unsafe.

You can open our 24 Response app. Select the safe me feature. We will initiate the live monitoring journey of you and make a periodic call to assure your safety. This app makes it safe for women to travel in India alone whenever they want. 

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