Youtube Myths and Truths about Corona Virus


Locked in your house? Is it getting depressing, listening to the repeated news of Covid-19 spreading everywhere? Worry not! We have got you covered. Checking youtube every 5-10 minutes can lead you to numerous myths and rumours about this virus. It is our first and foremost duty to put an end to these rumours and debunk those false myths. Here is a careful analysis was done by our experts which will cure all your fears of this coronavirus.

Myths and Truths

1. Myth- wearing a mask and you won’t be a victim of coronavirus


  • A normal surgical mask or covering your mouth and nose with a cloth cannot save you from coronavirus. 
  • Normal masks are not designed to stop viral particles to pass through. However, the masks are a must for the infected as it will prevent the virus-infected water droplets to be scattered on someone else.


2. Myth- coronavirus is a bio-weapon developed by China


  • Such a rumour has been spread among countries to ensure that China becomes the target of their hatred. There is no proof that indicates that coronavirus is man-made.
  • SARS-CoV-2  is also closely related; these two other viruses that have triggered outbreaks in recent decades.  All these viruses have originated in bats and then spread to humans.


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3. Myth- if you are infected, you will surely die


  • the mortality rate of coronavirus is comparatively less. As the data suggests, only 2.3 % of the people infected have died from Covid-19.
  • 13.8% of people demonstrated severe illness. For example- shortness of breath,  supplemental oxygen.
  • 4.7% of the people infected are considered very critical. They generally undergo septic shock, respiratory failure or multi-organ failure.


4. Myth- coronavirus cannot harm children


  • It is true that initial reports indicated very few cases of coronavirus in children as compared to adults.
  • However, later when WHO went into further studies, the data indicated that children are equally prone to this virus as the old aged individuals.


5. Myth- coronavirus symptoms are distinct and can be identified easily


  • It would be an injustice to say so. A coronavirus victim experiences very low or no symptoms at first. Later on, after 7-8 days, the symptoms become visible.
  • These symptoms are common like the flu and common cold. Ideally, common symptoms of COVID-19  are fever, cough and irregular breathing. 
  • Further on, major symptoms include dizziness, vomiting and runny nose. In very critical cases, the disease can become a serious pneumonia-like illness.


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