Do YouTube Subscribers Matter in 2020?

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If you are thinking about creating a YouTube channel for you to freely express artistically or for any other reason, all you need to do is focus on the kind of content you are creating. The biggest thing you have to take care of is generating as many views as you can. There is a lot of pressure on online creators to constantly make videos and other social media content to constantly engage their viewers. While you may be dabbling with a different idea, there are many different aspects of being a content creator that you have to take care of. You will automatically get subscribers if they enjoy the content you create.

If the world of YouTube is all about its content and the kind of views a YouTubers can generate, then why is there an emphasis on getting YouTube subscribers?

Just like other social media platforms, YouTube subscribers are just a metric for creators to understand their social standing or success on such online forums. Beyond increasing your popularity and creating a brand image for yourself, these subscribers do not really do more than that. While you may get the argument that you need to have a lot of subscribers in order to get monetised or sponsorships. However, YouTube or any other company is not paying you for the kind of subscribers you have but the kind of views you get on each video. 

In such a case, even if you have a lot of subscribers and you are not able to generate only a handful of views, you will still get paid extremely less. The only reason that people are going to subscribe to your channel if they like the kind of videos you make. Being subscribed to your channel would mean that your videos would automatically pop up on their timeline. They can even decide whether or not they want to “turn on notification for every time you upload”. Through these methods, YouTube has made the consumption of this content a lot easier.  

Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

You may come across many websites and offers that will allow you to buy YouTube subscribers online ( However, you have to understand that while these are extremely lucrative and will make grand promises that will promise you “success” of sorts. However, the YouTube algorithm does pick up on these and can take some kind of action against your channel. 

This will not only demonetise your channel and it also takes away a lot of opportunities from you. This can take away from your image as a credible content creator. Therefore, the subscribers are just there to boost your brand image. The numbers may seem like it will attract other people to subscribe to your channel. However, that is not the case. People will only subscribe to your channel for the kind of content you create. It is as simple as that. And of course, working on your view is something you are going to have to care of through different ways and other social media platforms. 

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