Top 3 Reasons You Want to Customise Your Trophy!

There is no better feeling than receiving an award or trophy after you have put in so much hard work and effort. Competitions happen everywhere and in every field around the world. As a participant, you would want your achievement to be highlighted in every way possible. Therefore, as an organisation or organising body, you should put in all the effort you can in the trophies you are about to hand out in your next event. Here are some reasons why you should want to customise your trophies!

  • Add a more personal touch: Even though trophies are very easily available in the markets today, it is important that you get them customised with the winner’s name and the organisation’s name properly mentioned in the trophy. This will add a very personal touch to the trophy and will highlight the importance of the award a lot more. It will be something the receiver appreciates a lot more than a generic trophy. This will only make the victory a lot sweeter for them. 

You can even have the trophy in the shape of the logo of your organisation if it is structurally possible. This is usually done by educational institutes. This will make sure that your trophy will stand out even when it is with the receiver for a very long time. 

  • Material matters: While there are many options available for you to choose from. However, it is the material that can completely change the look of your trophy. It can also affect the overall cost of your order. Therefore, you have to be a little careful about the kind of material you decide on. However, if you are giving an employee a trophy for their hard work and dedication, you cannot be handing out a simple resin trophy with no customisation. It is usually a glass trophy with the name properly etched on it. 

However, the cost of the trophy depends on the material and later, the kind of customisation you get done on it. Therefore, you will need to reach a consensus after talking with a trophy manufacturing company or vendor (Visit here: Talking to them will help you understand all your options and will ensure that you are happy with the kind of product you receive ultimately. 

  • Make the event memorable: It is not just the fact that you are highlighting someone’s achievement, it is the fact that the kind of award you give may just be on display in the winner’s personal mementos. The trophy should be a good- quality as it will enhance the experience for them a lot more. It will be a constant reminder of their achievement and a constant source of motivation for them as well. 

This will also work to highlight the prestige of the organisation that is presenting the winners with these awards. The trophies will work as marking your presence in that field, whatever it may be, just by seeing the trophy with the recipient. 

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