How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2019

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You have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization being incorporated in websites but SEO also needs to be added in YouTube videos to further enhance their ranking in the online world. You must have seen YouTube videos pop up in your Google searches sometimes, that is only because those videos have been optimised accordingly. This article will guide on how to get the best possible rank on your YouTube videos in 2019:

Research on Your Keywords: For something even as basic as the title of your video, you need to conduct some research on the kind of video titles you should have. You also need to add keywords in the description box of your video. One such platform where you can do this research is YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. It is as simple as that. If you type in a random topic, you will automatically be given a list of potential videos. That means that those are the trending video trends on that topic. You just need to cater your video around it. You can have a similar topic but your video can be very different from what is already on YouTube. Therefore, you do not need to worry about only catering to what YouTube expects from you. Wherever you are trying to incorporate a keyword, it should seem natural and not too obvious.

You can simply create a niche for your video if you choose the title of your video correctly. You have to choose a keyword that does not yield too many results, then there is the risk of your video getting lost in the crowd. Does that mean you only make videos on “smaller” topics? No, it simply means you need an alternative keyword. 

Through keywords, your channel visibility will increase on youtube and more people will subscribe to it. To get more subscribers you can also buy subscribers on Youtube (

Description Box and Tags: YouTube allows you a maximum of 500 characters for tags, use it to its maximum capacity. The tags you put in are extremely important because it is also a way of properly-being categorised and classified into the YouTube algorithm. The description box is the largest space you have to give out as much information you want to your viewers. So, incorporation of keywords is imperative and links to all your social media or any other related website. 

Why do search engine like Google matter if your videos are on YouTube?

Yes, you are making videos on YouTube, for YouTube, then why does Google matter? That is because a lot of views are generated as a result of these Google searches only. Whenever we need to know something, we automatically search on Google for the same. We do not immediately go to YouTube until and unless we need to see a tutorial. It is because of these reasons; it is better if your video is optimised to meet the strategies of Google. You can also conduct your research on Google as well to understand the kind of content people are expecting and need for you to rank well and get more views. 

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