A Quick Guide to SEO

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is actually quite simple than it seems in the beginning. It is simply the means to make your presence felt online. And there are various ways of doing this. SEO helps your website rank higher on search engines like Google if applied properly and correctly. SEO is all about strategies and this article will help break down SEO right down to its basics for you. 

And honestly, you do not need to know the inside out and the trade tricks of SEO in order to just begin work on your website. Gain a basic knowledge of what exactly you are supposed to do and just begin. You do not need to know how to do off-page SEO immediately or even know what that is. 

Start With the Basics:

  • What do you want to show through your website
  • What do you think your targeted audience wants right now
  • Is your product or brand compatible with what the market wants and needs right now
  • What do you, as a customer, consider to be a good web page

Narrowing down on these questions will give you the base at which you will build your website. 


SEO is nothing without its keywords. This is literally the basis on which your website will be built. When you are surfing through Google yourself, you write something like Best Indian restaurants around me, and a number of restaurant recommendations show up. So, the words you made that Google search with are the keywords. Now, you have to identify the possible keywords for your website and make for you incorporate those keywords into the content of your page when you are writing the content for it. Keywords if properly written and incorporated into the content can really increase your chances at a good ranking on search engines. 

This is because even Google has to cater properly to its audience. So, it will provide them with exactly what they searched for. This is also one aspect that Top SEO experts in Delhi will also be working on. 

Fresh Content:

If you search for a ‘black shirt’, a number of links will pop up that will have a range of black shirts- differing in prices and styles. You will not really find a basic page just saying black shirts. This is because they have enhanced their sites to such an extent that they have incorporated a lot more than just basic information. The content on these will be there to entice you to buy the clothes you searched for- either the way in which they described or through some sale or coupon code. 

So, keep an eye out for such content.

Get the Right Help:

Content and keywords are where you begin but to implement all these things, you have to go the required SEO expert to help you with the same. If you are in Delhi, it is better if you go the best SEO expert in Delhi as this will make communicating and understanding the entire procedure with a lot easier. 

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