What are 9001: 2008 quality management systems and why it is important to the organization

ISO 9001:2008 is a quality certification which has been in practice for ten years now.

Quality management does not just deal with the quality of the end product but also the quality of means adapted to make the product. It starts from the stage when the planning of the product begins to controlling quality and then to assure that the quality is maintained and further to the last stage when quality is improved.

What entails quality management is how a company is structured, the steps in the manufacturing process, the money involved, assurance of a good quality product and last of all improvement of quality. Quality assurance means the whole production process has been judged and is of good standards.

iso 9001 standard and consultingIn simple terms, the ISO 9001 certification is just quality assessment- from the stage of planning till recurrence of customers, and an overall improved product. This is, unfortunately, easier said than done. Everyone in the organization will play a role for this to become true. How to get this done? The answer to that is ISO 9001: 2008. this certification is essential when you want to supply your product to a govt. organization. or a huge company. Not having this certificate can eliminate your company from being the company of choice or even a competitor.

The aim of any company in any sector whether the company is large, medium or small should be taking care that resource allocation is reduced, business expands, customers are satisfied, the company gives back to the society and both the suppliers and customers are happy. Why ISO 9001: 2008 can be applied to the company of any size and in any sector is because these are not laws or rules. These are principles that any company can apply in a flexible manner using a lenient approach to achieve the above aim.

Your company can become ISO certified in a matter of 10 days. The first thing you need to do in this direction is written a document called policy statement. This document should pass through the check of the senior management of the company. 6 other documents are necessary for ISO 9001 certification. These are for data, and documents, records, action in case of non-compliance, corrective measures, preventive measures and internal audit. Further working practices may also need to be documented if control of those things is needed for the manufacture of products, or providing services. The cost of ISO 9001 certification is minimal and can be recovered with just one business transaction in most companies.

When any organization is going for this certification then a lead auditor 9001 training is mandatory. All entrepreneurs and potential auditors must attend this training about principles of ISO certification and activities to be followed by the certification.

Now let us take a look at why an organization needs the ISO 9001 certification or different principles of ISO certification.

Following are the reasons:

1. The most common reason is that the company gets a good name when it is ISO 9001 certified. It is not particular to any country but internationally respected. This is a great way for a company to market itself.

2. This certification works in favor of those with leadership skills. One should have direction and reason to be in sync with this system. Your company becomes a regular competitor in its domain and starts to hold a good market share. Positivity is writ clear as a message and principle.

3. Another reason is making the employees happy as well. Employees know best what needs improvement, and how to implement these improvements. Happier employees are more productive and loyal to the company. When employees are called to bring about improvements in the process then they feel more engaged. Not just that but the top management also is deeply involved. Responsibility is well distributed throughout the company. The ISO 9001 consultants will inform all personnel about this certification and give awareness training about ISO certificate.

4. Another aspect of quality management is basing decisions on facts rather than instinct. Resources are allocated to areas that pay rich dividends. Drastic improvement thus takes place.

5. Customers are better served by companies having an ISO 9001 recognition. The company gets repeat clients, and brand loyalty is ensured. Revenues also grow because of all improvement in the company’s service and products. Time which is such an essential element and often ignored starts to be saved. Happy customers, in turn, mean lesser products being returned by the customers and lesser complaints.

6. It is also a well-known fact that the quality management makes for such an environment that efficiency takes an important place in the process. All companies benefit from this. When a company is compliant then more business opportunities start knocking on the door.

7. It improves the efficiency of the company in a way that costs are reduced, and wastage is minimized. This leaves little scope for errors. Profits thus begin to grow.

What the company management should know is that ISO 9001 training is important. This will ensure that all employees know the requirements of this certification acting as a business betterment tool.

Now we have covered what quality management systems are and why every company must go for an ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

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