SEO- In House Team, Outsource to Agency or Freelance – Which one of these is good for my business?

Every day, Internet marketing is gaining more attention. Every Company whether a large scale, small scale or small start-ups are spending in digital marketing to get sales and bigger profit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the initial phases of online marketing with other ways that includes Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords, Bing Ads), Social Media Marketing (SMM). But Many companies favor SEO over Paid Ads on Google and Bing or SMM, because of the truth that doing right and legit SEO, is much more profitable in the long run and offers excellent ROI
(Return on investment) as compared to SEM, SMM.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a prolonged investment and companies should thoughtfully consider it but the puzzle is how to spend in SEO needs? There are several methods like hiring in-house SEO Team, Outsource to SEO Agency or Hire Dedicated Full-Time SEO freelancers.

So The First Way is to Hire In House SEO Team

Today’s SEO is more of Strategy game so in order to get good Search Engine Ranking Results, Quality and Relevant Traffic and More Business leads you to need a dedicated in House SEO Team.

Hiring In house SEO team has various advantages such as it handles your website needs and problems time to time. Also Technical and Search Engine Related Problems on a website can be easily managed by in house team before it goes serious.

Having an in-house team can support you in other forthcoming ventures that organization might be thinking in order to expand their reach and business.

But Setting Up In House SEO Team is not suitable for many companies as it needs a lot of funding.

When companies don’t have sufficient funds to invest in In-House SEO team the other option is to outsource their Website SEO Requirements to SEO Companies.

SEO Agency

SEO agencies normally have the team of SEO, Content writers and project supervisors appointed in their team. Also, they Normally work with many clients worldwide.

SEO agencies normally work with various clients worldwide so if your website suffers any problem associated with SEO they can promptly recognize and correct it. But The Issue with Agencies is that there way of approaching the project strategies as in the agencies one person is responsible for handling 4-5 projects and this affects the productivity of the project as he/She is applying the same set of strategies on the each project instead of releasing whether that strategy is working for that project or not.

The process of SEO agencies is very varied from those team of In house SEO as employers tend to leave the company and freshly hired employees keep coming in, this cycle goes on. Therefore, here is a greater risk that the person who is handling your project now might not serve later on and this effect the overall growth and SEO efforts on the site.

One of the major issues is the lack of communication as agencies rarely interact with you as they are already handling many projects simultaneously So it’s difficult for them to give personal attention to each and every client. Due to lack of communication, it is difficult for the company to convey your ideas or if you want any changes in your online marketing tactics.

Hiring a Full-Time Freelancer SEO:

Hiring Full-Time Freelance SEO Expert also the right choice for your marketing needs, they are their own boss. They not just only handle your SEO project but keep each perspective in mind & are qualified for bringing in more site visitors, Better Ranking and More Conversions for your business.

Generally, freelance SEO Expert usually doesn’t take too many projects & can attend to you more regularly than those SEO Companies.Full-Time Freelancer SEO Expert or Consultant is capable Enough to handle all your SEO needs.Freelance SEO consultant are normally less costly than SEO Agencies or In house SEO team.

Which One Is Suitable for My Business Needs?

It is one of the extremely challenging questions in my view has no absolute answer. To My Knowledge Instead of Hiring an SEO agency. If you really have Sufficient budget then go ahead and hire the in house SEO team for Your Business. Because Spending Too much amount on SEO agency is not right according to me because you won’t get the quality work and support in SEO agency so rather go for In House SEO Team or the Other Best Reliable Option is to Go with Full-Time SEO Freelancer who dedicatedly manages your project & give frequent updates about your project.

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