You have tried all the tips given to you to burn the excess fat. Let it be exercises, eating herbs or drinking bitterest of the shake. But the truth is, unless the weight comes off, you’re not going to get a six-pack body.
You exercise for hours, eat salad and expect results in a week or two. But alas no sign of rapid results and you get disappointed and lose all the motivation. Our generation wishes to see the result I after two days of exercise.
We are here to keep that motivation in path. Daily workout can strengthen your core but it won’t burn away that excess fat which makes you look fat.

“Studies show that if you have a healthy diet rich in whole grains-and calorie-controlled-then you can trim the belly fat.”
If you limit your intake of cholesterol and fat you can easily lose weight. It’s very common that you get jealous whenever a zero figure girl or six-pack guy passes by you and you always try to compete with them and try your best to look like them but you fail in removing that cushion from your body.
You’ve been reading about all the exercises and workout routines you should be doing. But doing exercises will strengthen your core it will hardly remove that fat. Before exercises fat should be removed. It’s the fat in the abdominal cavity, the belly fat that causes the biggest issues.
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